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Keeping strong Leads and Deals pipeline is the key for any business growth and a simple and smart CRM is the key to nurture the deals through the Deal life cycle. ZCRM is a developed to keep what is exactly required to nurture a deal and lead and with minimum or no training period for any marketing or sales team to get on

ZCRM – Nothing less, nothing more CRM has all required features to nurture the Leads and lead to closure

360 Degree view

The decision support dashboards based on the roles for both Deals and Leads helps to get a gist of progress on the team performance on Lead and Deal nurturing for self and for the team.

Monitor Financials and Performance

ZCRM enables the marketing manager to monitor the financials on each lead by capturing the effort and money spent on nurturing by the way of follow-up,meetings, visits etc., It also have a feature of monitoring the performance of each and every team member with pre-defined goals set from collecting the leads to closure.

Flexible Hierarchy

ZCRM built in hierarchy for the users map to marketing and sales team to have a better control of the information visibility and accessibility. This provides various dashboards and information based on the roles and admin role to control the system and user setup

Track Productivity

Ensuring the productivity of the marketing team is the key to nurture and convert the leads. ZCRM track the productivity of the marketing team at each status level against the target.

Customizable Status Movement

The Deal and Lead movement across each status viz email overdue, call overdue, response overdue based on predefined no. of days the lead / deal should stay on particular status. This provides the actionable insight on the stages of each Lead and Deal.

Lead Reassign

The reassignment is inevitable across the marketing team members due to various reason viz., long leaves, change in the role, work load balancing etc., ZCRM provides the feature to reassign the leads.


Dashboard provides the data drives the user to various activities they should performance viz picking up the open leads, send email follow-ups which are overdue. The Deal and Lead manager can check the team performance in the dashboard and do the necessary action.


This entry screen for the users from which they can view all the leads and deals based on their role allocated only to them and for the team (for managers roles). From this screen they navigate to action screen table viz, edit, notes, emails, task, expense, and view of lifecycle of a Leads and Deals. Based on the roles the action is controlled


Exhaustive list of reports provided for the deals and leads.

Mobile with offline capability

ZCRM can be accessed by the team on the field in offline mode and get sync with the go on-line. This mobile friendly feature helps the sales / marketing team who on the field not to lose the important notes to be updated in CRM and duplication of work.

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